Introducing Rohan Cannon -TheVisionary Behind CannonBalm
At the heart of CannonBalm lies a story where innovation meets resilience, discovery, and embracing the healing wisdom of nature.

What began as Rohan’s quest to find alternative natural solutions for his chronic pain, reliance on strong painkillers and devices like a morphine pump and spinal cord stimulator has resulted in the formulation of premium-quality, antioxidant-rich products for pain relief.

His achievements act as a beacon for those seeking refuge from the relentless grip of chronic pain. Rohan made it all possible with years of exploration, and study related to cell biology and epigenetics.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

After battling severe chronic pain and other serious health issues most of his life, Rohan stood at a crossroads. The choice was clear: either concede to a short life of relentless chronic pain using pharmaceutical “drugs” that were actually making him sicker long term, or build a new path. So, Rohan made a pivotal decision to break free from the grasp of mainstream western medicine and turn towards the healing powers of nature.

Through extensive research, Rohan pioneered a revolutionized approach, laying the groundwork for creating products that offer practical and long-lasting relief from pain and discomfort.

Transforming one life at a time.

The Hidden Gems in Nature

Amidst his research, Rohan unearthed the life-changing potential of SUPERFRUITS- a true marvel of nature.

Harnessing the remarkable abilities of these fruits, he realized their potential to influence the gene expression of the body cells to become their healthier version, resulting in improved health and diminished pain.

Thus, by infusing the concentrated polyphenols, anthocyanins, and antioxidants from superfruits into the base ingredient, extra virgin olive oil, CannonBalm was born.

Rapid Pain Relief at Your Fingertips

Bringing CannonBalm to life is a dream come true.

Beyond pain relief, our products delicately address various issues, such as anti-aging, enhancing muscle performance, treating muscle cramps, and reducing inflammation.

Tailored to target your specific discomfort effectively.

Explore our range – Ultimate, Let Go, Magic Touch, Muscle Aid, Fruit Full, and You’re How Old.

Joining The Cannonbalm Community

When you choose CannonBalm, you are not only purchasing a product – you are becoming part of a community that values a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Connect on our social media platforms to share your journey and explore how CannonBalm has touched lives.

CannonBalm – a promise of relief, a product that continuously amazes our customers with its life-changing impact.


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