• Tired of trying countless remedies, over-the-counter meds
    & prescription drugs with unwanted side effects?
    And......nothing seems to work for you?

  • WE HAVE THE SOLUTION: CannonBalm, an innovative
    new way that's safe long term & guaranteed to get results

Tired of trying countless remedies, over-the-counter meds & prescription drugs with unwanted side effects And......nothing seems to work for you?

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION: CannonBalm, an innovative new way that's safe long term & guaranteed to get results
Naturally Safe, Inherently Good
At CannonBalm, we're dedicated to crafting solutions that redefine effectiveness and safety. Our all natural anti inflammatory products cater to a diverse clientele, including:

  • • Individuals managing arthritis & joint pain
  • • Nerve Pain, Injuries & inflammation
  • • Massage therapists & their clients
  • • Athletes & bodybuilders seeking peak performance
  • • Discerning men looking for a smooth shave
  • • Empowered women on a quest for youthful radiance

Embrace the all-natural, all-safe, and all-good approach with CannonBalm Australia. Your well-being is our inspiration.
CannonBalm- ULTIMATE
Want rapid and effective relief from your joint, nerve, and muscle pain, inflammation, and discomfort?

If you’re:
• Battling arthritis
• Struggling with chronic neck, back, or knee pain
• An individual simply longing for a pain-free day
• A parent seeking safe ways to soothe your little ones

CannonBalm’s ULTIMATE is the go-to solution to all your pain-related problems.

Crafted from all-natural, organic, and plant-based ingredients, it targets persistent pain and inflammation effectively.

Start your holistic wellness journey with ULTIMATE today.
What Makes CannonBalm So Special?

All-Natural Approach

We are a firm believer in ‘we are what we consume’; hence we only use Australian grown Certified Organic products such as Grampian’s Olive Oil as our base ingredient. Supporting local community and sustainability.

No Hydrocarbons, No Chemicals, No Drugs

Safe and sustainable go hand in hand at CannonBalm. We have significantly reduced the risk of allergies and other health concerns just by eliminating hydrocarbons and harmful chemicals from our products.

Less is MORE

We believe in providing value through our products. Achieve rapid pain relief by utilizing only ½ gram of our balms, as compared to other products like Voltaren that may require 3-4 grams per application and can be only used safely for maximum 3 weeks.

100% Money-back Guarantee

No result, No regret. We will immediately offer a refund. So all you’ve got to lose is your PAIN.
We Plant one Tree for Every Purchase
At CannonBalm, we work tirelessly to craft solutions that are effective and safe, and to consciously nurture & protect mother earth. We have teamed up with ‘onetreeplanted’ to make a healthier impact on our environment.
So, with every purchase you make, a tree will be planted.
Join us on a mission to nurture our planet for generations to come!

More About Us

The CannonBalm Story
Explore the world of CannonBalm and learn more about the relentless journey of the visionary, the mastermind behind it all- Rohan Cannon.

What started as a battle against chronic pain and health challenges, ended up as a groundbreaking pain management solution fueled by all-natural, anti-inflammatory, and organic superfruits.
Supporting our earth
At CannonBalm, we believe that ‘Organic is the new green.’ We carefully source all the finest ingredients that are high-quality, mostly certified organic, and free from harmful chemicals or pesticide residue.

We are continually striving to work towards our goal of having 100% certified organic ingredients in all our products.

Currently we have managed to source 100% organic ingredients for MAGIC-TOUCH, and around 90% for our other products
Supporting our Community
We select award-winning, 100% authentic, and organic Australian ingredients as much as possible. All these high-quality and pure ingredients are sourced from local producers and farmers, thereby contributing to the economic growth and sustainability of our community.

One of our favourite partners is the Grampians Olive Co, which supplies us with their international award winning extra virgin organic olive oil for all our products.

Experience the difference when you shop with us.

How Natural Therapies Saved my Life

Our Acknowledgements.

We wish to respectfully acknowledge the First Peoples, Ancestral Elders of this Ancient Country of past, present and future who are the Traditional Custodians of all states and territories where we live and work. We acknowledge their continuing living spiritual cultural heritage, the sacred connection to land, waters, community to country and all living things.

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